Tumermak ”T esi series front loaders have been designed and manufactured in order to make transportation, loading and unloading works in agricultural and animal husbandry fields and alternative attachment options easily and practically.

Tractor Connection Chassis

With reference to the middle cast housing connections and rear axle connection ears, tractor link chassis is specially designed by calculating the balanced distribution of the load according to each brand and model tractor.

Park Feet

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Lock System

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The pernos are made of steel material, and the lubrication and bearing bushings of the hub are made easy, easy and full lubrication. Galvanizing of pernosities eliminated the possibility of oxidation.

Change Adapter

Thanks to the quick coupler, the change of attachment is effortless and can be done in a short time.

Attachment Valve

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Suspension Tubes

The T series front loaders with soft drive suspend the load to be applied to the tractor during transport and prevent damage to the tractor.

Single Lever Joystick

The single lever joystick is used to make all the movements of the front loader comfortable and healthy. It is also easy to install and the hydraulic installation is far from the operator.

Loader Valve

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Lifting Height 3850 mm
Lift Height with Ground Attachment 3650 mm
Discharge Height 3100 mm
Transport Angle 45°
Discharge Angle 55°
Acquisition Angle 65°
Breakout Capacity 1900 KG
Transport Capacity 1800 KG
Attachment Balancing System Mekanik
Soft Drive (Anti Shock System) Standart
Movable Connector Hydraulic Valve Standart
Quick Coupler Removal Adapter Standart
Front Loader Weight 650 KG
Tractor Power Ranges 70-120 HP+